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When travelling it can be difficult to know exactly what counts as essential, especially for a long-haul flight. It’s important to ensure that a 10 or 12-hour flight is as pleasant as possible to avoid arriving at a destination tired and uncomfortable, as travel enthusiast Isis Monteverde knows from experience.

As much as flying first or business class might be appealing, giving travellers access to free drinks and sometimes even showers to improve the flying experience, it may not be possible on a limited budget. Happily, there are plenty of items that can make even an economy long-haul flight much more enjoyable.








Consider Luggage Options

For short flights or travelling for a short trip, it may be possible to store everything in carry-on luggage. However, using good-quality suitcases is a must for a long-haul flight, choosing the right size carry-on suitcase to meet airline requirements while ensuring that it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It’s also helpful to choose a carry-on suitcase that has pockets on the sides for easy accessibility; select sensible options for storing passports and wallets so they are easy to locate.

It’s also sensible to pack a change of clothes for the flight. If there are any delays or incidents on the flight such as a spillage, a fresh change of outfit is always appreciated.

Choose Warmth and Comfort

When it comes to footwear, comfort is the most important consideration. If trainers are not the automatic choice, a pair of comfortable boots may be suitable. Slip-on trainers are also appropriate, and it’s wise to choose a pair of shoes that can be worn during the trip itself, thereby freeing up some space in the suitcase.

Furthermore, even if the destination is warm or extremely hot, plane journeys can leave travellers feeling quite cold. Packing something to keep the chill off, such as a blanket or scarf, is always a wise idea.

Useful Gadgets for the Flight

There are certain nifty items that can make a long flight infinitely more comfortable. Inflatable footrests take up very little space and can be inflated on the plane, improving the experience and even reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis. A neck pillow is a must, as sleeping upright in a plane is never easy.

The embedded PDF takes a closer look at how to stay safe while flying.

Isis Monteverde

If the noises on a plane are disruptive, it might be prudent to bring some ear plugs to block them out. Ear plugs are available in many different sizes, and it’s possible to buy reusable ones that are much better for the environment.