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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a trained professional who helps people to achieve their goals in life. They do this by providing support, guidance and accountability. Life coaches work with clients to identify their goals, develop a plan to achieve them and overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way.

How Can Life Coaches Help Their Clients?

Clients can receive help from a life coach in any area of their life, both mental and physical. They focus on their clients’ self-esteem, changing problematic behaviours and even improving their physical health. For example, Isis Monteverde has practiced yoga for over 20 years and combines her passion for health, nutrition and fitness with her experience as a life coach. Every individual is unique and will have their own goals and challenges; a good life coach will tailor their guidance to each client and work closely with them over time as they develop and grow.

What Is the Different Between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

 First and foremost, a life coach is not a therapist. A life coach is a supportive expert who works with clients to provide guidance and help them to achieve their goals in life. Meanwhile, a therapist is a healthcare specialist who works with clients experiencing mental health issues. A therapist’s role is to help clients overcome issues in their lives by improving their emotional healing.

You don’t need to have mental health concerns to see a life coach. Of course, life coaches are well-equipped to help their clients overcome some psychological issues like stress or anxiety. However, most people will seek out a life coach to help them build a happier and more fulfilling life. Unlike therapists, life coaches don’t focus on healing, psychology and past trauma; instead, they look forward to help clients improve every aspect of themselves in a holistic way.

While therapists use psychotherapy to understand the patterns that cause their client’s behaviours, life coaches work to solve them in a different way. Isis Monteverde, an experienced life coach of 20 years, has spent her life learning about health, fitness and nutrition, as well as practices like yoga and mindfulness. 

Life coaches can work with clients on anything from diet and relationships to spirituality and achieving personal goals.

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